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About Us



Flight Departments, Aviation Managers, Chief Pilots, Private Pilots & AOC Operators are turning away from traditional trip support providers & using web based platforms that give them access to all airports & their service providers contact detail & one click ground handling bookings.


This trend has been observed over the last two or three years as new, more cost effective & easy to use platforms have become available on mobile phones & other personal devices.


Aviation Bloom is one such platform that trip planners are booking their ground handling directly through, a one click shop! They just type in the airport they plan to visit, by ICAO, IATA or location name to view the ground handlers, choose one & click the Booking Button.


  • Free at point of use for trip planners

  • Very cost effective for FBO, BAHA, Airports, Chauffeur Drive, In-Flight Caters 

  • Add your company logo to any airport page

  • Add your FBO facility photos to any airport page